Carbon Steel Air Cooling IP23S 75V Co2 Welding Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MEGMEET
Certification: CE
Model Number: Artsen CM500C
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: One Artsen cm500c series welding machine mig CO2 / MAG / MMA carrier intelligent welding machine welding equipment packing with brown box, WG: 120 KG
Delivery Time: 7 working days after deposit
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50 sets /Month
Product Name: Artsen Cm500c Series Welding Machine Mig CO2 / MAG / MMA Carrier Intelligent Welding Machine Welding Equipment Model: Artsen CM500C
Con Mode: All-digital Rated No-load Voltage: 75V
Given Current Range: 50-500A Welding Material: Carbon Steel
Arc Characteristics: -9~+9 Cooling Mode: Intelligent Air Cooling
Protection Level: IP23S MVolume: 300X480X620mm
High Light:

75V Co2 Welding Machine


IP23S Co2 Welding Machine


24m/Min Laser Welding Equipment

Artsen cm500c series welding machine mig CO2 / MAG / MMA carrier intelligent welding machine welding equipment





Parameter type Artsen CM500C
Con mode All-digital
Carrier communication mode High speed bidirection
Input voltage 3-phase 380VAC±25%(285-475v)
Input frequency 30-80Hz
Input capacity 24V(22.3K)
Power facter 0.93
Efficiency 0.86
Rated no-load voltage 75V
Given current range 50-500A
Given voltage range 12-50V(accuracy 0.1V)
Rated temporary load rate 100%@500A@40℃
Electromagnetic compatibility IEC60974∶10EMS
Lightning protection rating Calss D (6000V/3000A)
Welding material Carbon steel
Welding method CO2/MAG/MMA,solid cored wire and electrode
Welding wire ∅1.0/1.2/1.4/1.6mm
Welding sequence No arc stopping,repeated arc stopping
Arc characteristics -9~+9
Welder parameter channel storage Default 10 groups
Preset communication port CAN
Cooling mode Intelligent air cooling
Wire feeder digital display Yes,welding parameters can be adjusted remotely
Wire feeling speed 1.4~24m/min
Insulation grade H
Protection level IP23S
Host environment Industrial heavy load,-39℃~+50℃
Volume 300×480×620mm
Weight 52KG


Product Description

Artsen cm500c series
All digital industrial heavy duty CO2 / MAG / MMA carrier intelligent welding machine
Product characteristics
According to statistics, 70% of the welding machine's faults come from the "weak" control line being smashed on site, thus delaying production. Using carrier technology can save control line, greatly improve overall reliability and ensure efficient production
100% @ 500A load duration, 24m / min high speed wire feeding and high deposition rate operation
Excellent protection design of wire feeder and PCBA, more suitable for vibration, collision, humidity, salt fog and other environments
The first in the industry: bidirectional digital high-speed carrier communication, making ultra long-distance welding so easy, can be 100 meters long-distance welding
Flux cored wire welding, even if the power cable is more than 50m, it can weld 150A small current vertically and stably
Special flux cored wire (e71t-1c) vertical up straight pull welding function is supported, relatively swing welding, greatly reducing the heat input to the weld
The peripheral cable of the welding machine is short circuited arbitrarily, and the welding machine is not damaged. The main machine and wire feeder will prompt the fault code at the same time, and recover automatically after troubleshooting
The overcurrent protection function of wire feeder can realize automatic protection and recovery when the wire feeder motor is locked or short circuited and the welding wire is stuck
With short-circuit over-current and open circuit protection function of solenoid valve, automatic protection can be realized
The wire feeder has a visual display of welding a / V and other parameters. The wire feeder also has various parameter setting functions, without external debugger and adjustment on the welding machine panel
The operator can better control the welding process, avoid the welder's inability to identify the welding parameters due to long-distance work, and save the tedious parameter calibration before welding
When working at a long distance, it is convenient to inspect the actual welding parameters of welders and make the management and supervision personnel more satisfied and reassured
The wire feeder has digital display of fault code, which can locate and feedback fault types more quickly
Unique two-way digital high-speed carrier communication, high-speed synchronization between wire feeder and host, excellent anti-interference
The arc starting is smoother to avoid the common phenomena of different arc starting and back burning, arc starting and breaking, burning of conductive nozzle caused by "asynchronous" of similar products in the market
• more coordinated arc striking to avoid the risk of big welding wire ball and wire sticking caused by "asynchronous" arc striking of similar products in the market
Two way digital communication, stronger anti-interference ability and signal, effective welding distance of 100m. Under the wire, the welding effect is still excellent
Full digital high frequency detection and control, compared with similar product models, small current is more stable
Greatly reduce the weight and volume of the peripheral cable of the welding machine, and move more easily

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