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High Accuracy Pressure Reducing Valve Pilot Operated Universal Regulator

High Accuracy Pressure Reducing Valve Pilot Operated Universal Regulator

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2334 - DIN

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Product Details
Product Name:
Pilot-operated Universal Regulator 2334 - DIN DN 65 To DN 400 Valve Size And PN 16 To PN 40 Pressure Rating
2334 - DIN
Differential Pressure And Flow Control
Valve Size:
DN 65 To DN 400
Pressure Rating:
PN 16 To PN 40
Differential Pressure Regulator Flow Regulator
Valve Closes When The Differential Pressure Rises Valve Closes When The Flow Rate Rises Valve Opens When The Flow Rate Rises
Water And Other Liquids Air And Non-flammable Gases
Product Description

Pilot-operated universal regulator 2334 - DIN DN 65 to DN 400 valve size and PN 16 to PN 40 pressure rating

The universal regulators consist of a large globe valve acting as the main valve and a maximum of three smaller pilot valves connected in parallel in a bypass line. The pressure drop across the regulator is used to operate the valve, whereby the Venturi nozzle in the bypass line amplifies the pressure drop as the flow rate increases. The pilot valves open depending on the controlled variable used to operate them. As a result, a flow rate arises in the bypass line over the Venturi nozzle, which is used to control the main valve (open or close it). This allows the controlled variable (pressure, differential pressure, flow rate or temperature) to be controlled. Electric signals from an electric actuator can also be used to operate the valve and takes influence on the control loop, too.


Special features • Single-seated globe valve with flanged end connections

• Suitable for district heating plants in accordance with DIN 4747-1 (requirements stipulated by AGFW (German District Heating Association) concerning components in house substations)

• Wide control range and high useable rangeability at low pressure loss

• Pilot operated by the medium, with a maximum of three pilot valves

• Excellent stability and control accuracy even when the pressures fluctuate considerably

• Smooth opening and closing of the main valve

• Wide set point range and convenient set point adjustment at the pilot valve

• Numerous control functions and the possibility to combine several functions



Product name Pilot-operated universal regulator 2334 - DIN DN 65 to DN 400 valve size and PN 16 to PN 40 pressure rating
Model 44-8 - DIN
Matrial Alloy/Steel
Supply  electric
Usage Differential pressure and flow control
Version DIN
Valve size DN 65 to DN 400
Pressure rating PN 16 to PN 40
Function Differential pressure regulator Flow regulator
Medium Water and other liquids Air and non-flammable gases


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