IEC60974 260W 24KVA 85V 100kHz Digital Mig Welder

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MEGMEET
Certification: CE
Model Number: artsen Plus500 / 400 / 350 D / P / Q series
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: One Full digital intelligent control artsen Plus500 / 400 / 350 D / P / Q series welding machine packing with brown box, WG: 120 KG
Delivery Time: 7 working days after deposit
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50 sets /Month
Product Name: Artsen Plus500 / 400 / 350 D / P / Q Series Model: Artsen CM500C
Con Mode: All-digital Rated No-load Voltage: 85V
Given Current Range: 30-500A Efficiency: 0.85
Arc Characteristics: -7~+7 Insulation Grade: H
Protection Level: IP23S MVolume: 300X480X620mm
High Light:

100kHz Digital Mig Welder


85V Digital Mig Welder


24KVA Digital Welding Machine

Full digital intelligent control artsen Plus500 / 400 / 350 D / P / Q

series welding machine




Parameter type Artsen Plus 500D/P/Q
Artsen Plus 500D/P/Q R
Artsen Plus 400D/P/Q
Artsen Plus 400D/P/Q
Artsen Plus 350D/P/Q
Artsen Plus 350D/P/Q
Control mode All-digital
Carrier communication mode photoelectric encoder feedback+independent chip high-speed advance control
Input voltage 3 phase 380Vac±25%(285~475V)
Input frequency 45~65Hz
Input capacity 24KVA(22.3KV)
Input power facter 0.93
Efficiency 0.85
Rated no-load voltage 85V
Rated output current 500A 400A 350A
Given current range 30~500A 30~400A 30~350A
Given voltage range 12~45V(fineness0.1V)    
Rated temporary load rate 60%@500A@40℃ 100%@400A@40℃ 100%@350A@40℃
Electromagnetic compatibility IEC60974∶10EMS
Lightning protection rating calss D (6000V/3000A)
Welding material D:carbon steel/stainless steel
P:carbon steel/stainless steel
Q:carbon steel/stainless steel/aluminum alloy
Welding method D:excessive DC/standard pulse/smooth short circuit
P:DC/standard pulse/smooth short protrusion/short arc pulse
Q:DC/standard pulse/smooth short circuit over/short arc pulse
Welding wire ∅0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/SP mm
Welding sequence 2 step,4 step,soecial 4 step,spot welding,intermittent welding
Arc characteristics -7~+7
robot communication
(robot welding machine only)
simulateDeviceNetCAN OpenMEGMEET CANEtherNet/IP**
Display parameter of wire feeder yes
Insulation grade H
Protection grade IP23S
Environment of main engine industrial heavy duty,-10℃~+40℃,湿度≤95%
Volume 300×480×620mm
Weight 52KG
Ring cooling water tank(optional)
Rated power 260W
Rated voltage 400Vac
Cooling water capacity 6.5L
Cooling water flow 3.5L/min
Maximum head of cooling 30m
Traffic alarm yes

Product Description

Artsen Plus500 / 400 / 350 D / P / Q series

Intelligent gas shielded welding process platform welding machine
Constantly realize your craft conjecture
Intelligent welding platform, process mode constantly updated!
Product features:
1. Full digital intelligent control, 100kHz ultra-high inverter frequency, "zero delay" [1] sampling circuit, make accurate power response to each state of droplet transition.
2. The unique design of power energy release, the current drop slope as high as 10000 a / MS, to achieve the "zero impact" of current force on the molten pool at the moment of droplet transition [2].
3. Large torque and low inertia worm motor, with 120 line high-precision code disk and high-frequency motor control system, can obtain millisecond level motor start, brake and reverse tapping, and realize the precise control of arc starting and arc retracting. With the corresponding process parameter control, the better effect of starting and stopping arc can be achieved.
4. Double remote sampling compensation at both positive and negative ends, even if the welding circuit is more than 30 meters, can still accurately judge the droplet transition process state, and realize the droplet transition fine control.
5. Stable and comprehensive high-speed hardware platform, open software system, continuous expansion of process control procedures according to different welding conditions, accumulation of welding expert database, to meet customers' continuous update of welding process requirements.
[1] Compared with artsen I, the sampling speed of artsen plus is increased by about 13 times.
[2] At the moment of droplet transition, the power supply actively releases the arc energy to maintain the arc with a minimum current, so as to ensure that the current force does not impact the molten pool.
(function part)
(new job mode, free to match welding process)
(double pulse? Double DC? DC + pulse? It's up to you!)
1. Each job can independently set the duration, control mode, control parameters, collaboration parameters, gradient slope and other characteristics.
2. Single job realizes double process collaboration, discards complex external job switching commands, and only needs to press the welding gun once to realize alternative welding of existing processes.
3. Smooth transition between jobs with different characteristics can greatly reduce the arc distortion and welding spatter during job switching. The transition characteristics can be freely set in each job.
(process part)
(process type, constantly updated)
1. Tranquil fusion [3]
Process characteristics:
The arc energy can be adjusted to effectively reduce the heat input of welding.
The arc is soft, the pool is calm, and the spatter is very low.
The arc is stable, greatly improving the welding speed.
Welding fusion is good, reducing the probability of bad welding such as porosity and undercut.
Application scope:
It is widely used for welding thin and ultra-thin plates of carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, dissimilar metals, etc., especially for backing welding and all position welding.
2. Bottom fusion [4]
Process characteristics:
Arc length, high stiffness, strong directivity, greatly improve the walking speed of welding.
Low welding heat input, very low spatter.
Good welding fusion, reduce the probability of bad welding such as porosity and undercut, and reduce the requirements for welding peripheral parts and labor protection appliances.
Application scope:
It is widely used in pulse welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, high strength steel and other materials;
3. Clean fusion [5]
Process characteristics:
The welding is fast, the energy is strong and weak, and the scale is clear.
Welding heat input is low, penetration is deep, weld gap tolerance is high and spatter is very low.
Application scope:
It is widely used for welding thin and ultra-thin plates such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized plate, aluminum and its alloy, especially for vertical up welding.
4. Leaping fusion [6]
Process characteristics:
With short arc starting time and simple arc stopping, the weld pool can be formed rapidly, which can further reduce the heat input to the base metal and further reduce the thermal deformation of the base metal.
The scale pattern is clear and the welding rhythm is fast [7].
The welding penetration is deep and the tolerance of gap is high.
Application scope:
It is widely used in the welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized plate, aluminum and its alloy and other thin and ultra-thin plates.
5. Constant fusion [8]
Process characteristics: the welding penetration is not affected by the fluctuation of the dry elongation of the welding wire, and the same penetration is always maintained.
Application scope: widely used in robot, special machine and other automatic welding;

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